So Let It Be Written


Episode 4: Kaylie Jones

“So Let It Be Written” speaks with Kaylie Jones. Kaylie is an editor and publisher of the Akashic Book imprint Kaylie Jones Books (KJB). She is also a professor and author of multiple novels and her 2009 memoir “Lies My Mother Never Told Me.”  We talk teaching, publishing, PEN USA’s decision to remove John Smelcer’s novel “Stealing Indians” as a finalist for YA fiction, and much more.

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Lies My Mother Never Told Me

John Smelcer’s website is here, and links to the controversy are here and here.

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Episode 3: Adam Penna

In this episode of “So Let It Be Written” I speak with poet and professor of English Adam Penna. We talk MFA programs, #MeToo, cultural appropriation, and minivans.

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Adam’s books are available on Amazon here, (Talk of Happiness) and here (Little Songs & Lyrics to Genji) and here (The Love of a Sleeper).

Episode 2: Update: A New Short Story is Published!

In this brief update on “So Let It Be Written,” a short story of mine entitled “The First Few Steps” was published in the Spring 2018 edition of Windmill, the literary magazine for Hofstra University’s MFA program. Click on the podcast to learn more about Windmill and to hear me read the first couple paragraphs of the story.

Visit Windmill here.

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Episode 1: Laurie Loewenstein

In this first episode of “So Let It Be Written,” I speak with Laurie Loewenstein about her latest novel “Death of a Rainmaker,” which is currently in bookstores from Kaylie Jones Books, an imprint of Akashic Books in Brooklyn.

Buy “Death of a Rainmaker” on Amazon. Leave a review!  Visit Laurie’s website for updates, readings, events and her blog, which is really rich and informative.

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