One thought on “Stalk Me

  1. I literally read your book in 2 days and loved it. I grew up in Mastic Beach and the way you described Turnbull brought me back to my childhood. Even at a young age, I knew that we lived in a community in which people live on the edge of complete financial disaster, violence and addiction. My mother did not reference John Pius as a cautionary tale but rather that poor boy (Joseph Meyer?) who was kidnapped from the arcade, mutilated and dumped behind Chickie’s. Everything changed after that…we couldn’t ride bikes wherever we wanted anymore and the threat of rape or death lingered everywhere. People are always surprised when I tell them where I grew up. For all of it’s challenges, I have the best memories of hardworking people who wanted the best for their children, Floyd teachers who inspired me, and for a long time, the freedom to wander around, fish, build forts, play street sports, and outrun the city kids. You truly captured so many aspects of Mastic Beach…I totally knew that an Nino’s was TJ’s. Well done.

    I remember your brother, Sean – he was a lovely, gifted artist. Best wishes for many more successful books.


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